An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet,regardless of time,place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Can we go home yet???

So, we have our girl in our arms, we have finished all of the paperwork, and Mia Xin has her Chinese passport and Visa which she needs to fly, can we go home YET??? Oh, no, that's right...we have to wait for our flight that doesn't leave until Saturday. I can honestly tell you that our excitement over being in China, is over. We have come here to do what we needed to do, we miss our Boys and family back home, and we are ready to bolt!! We are praying the next 2 days pass at warp speed and that Saturday arrives sooner rather than later!
Brian has been hit with whatever virus Mia and I have shared. He felt miserable allday today and ran a pretty high fever. Not what we need. I took Mia Xin out around the city with a few of the other families here, so that he could get some rest. Please pray that whatever he has, passes quickly. We have both started our prescriptions of antibiotics that we brought with us, but what I think we really both need, is just our own beds, drinkable running water and our normal, American diet.....
Mia Xin enjoyed the best night of sleep she has had thus far,last night. So, PLEASE..keep those prayers coming for rest...because they obviously worked!! She still woke twice in the middle of the night for bottle feedings, but at least she slept longer, uninterrupted stretches in between then....and I honestly don't mind the middle of the pm bottles. The poor thing is so tiny, she really needs all the calories she can get, especially since she won't even attempt to eat solids because of her open palate.
Since not much went on today, I will just post a few shots I snapped around the hotel today. I know you were all expecting to tune in to cute dresses and outfits...Well, after 17 days in a hotel, laundry is running slim, and we have resorted to Chinese WalMart clothing. Oh, how I cant wait to get back home to my washing machine!!!

Today, we said goodbye to the 2 couples we spent the most time with, while here. We were so sad to say goodbye, and I pray that we will visit each other in the future. We exchanged numbers and emails. I cannot wait to watch heir precious little ones grow and change. We have become so attached to seeing them, while here, I found myself tearing up as we hugged and said our goodbyes. Kai Xin and June are going home with your amazing sweet families!!!!

Oddly, the little girl pictured beside Mia had the exact Chinese name as Mia. They were BOTH named Dang Xin Xin. Vety unusual! When we found out about the names...we both instantly ran to be sure we weren't there to adopt the SAME child!! It became a running joke to us about them handing us both the same little girl. Well, luckily there were 2 precious little ones...both sweet and deserving of a Mommy and Daddy. They will forever share the bond of similar names. Kind of like Sisters.....June & Mia Xin....

Goodnight from China!
Boys...only 2 more sleeps till we start heading home!!!!!
We love you!!!!!xoxoxox