An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet,regardless of time,place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Monday, February 25, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears.....OH MY!!!!

Well, we have had our girl in our arms now for just over a full week. In that weeks time, we have learned so much about each other and are certainly starting to bod. She seems to trust us and will just snuggle into our arms and neck, and give a little smile here and there. We are still trying to figure out what has her so fussy in the evenings. We are not sleeping, because she continues to fuss most of the evenings. Not sure if she is uncomfortable or what, but it makes for some looong nights (and days). Hoping her sleep will regulate once home. She is crawling pretty well and seems to be pretty sturdy when sitting alone now.
Take a look at what she was wearing when she was brought to us......

This morning we took a trip to the Guangzhou Zoo. It was a nice morning, perfect weather and provided a much needed break out of the hotel. The Zoo was quite impressive with all of its animals. Mia Xin slept most of the trip, but woke up at the end to catch a peek at some of the animals..

Just had a light lunch and very short nap (SHORT because Mia Xin does not prefer to sleep). We are getting ready to head down to meet up for our group/family photos and our last group dinner. Families from our group will begin leaving at different times during the next few days, so this is our last official group event. It is customary to photograph all of the kids who were adopted all together in traditional Chinese dresses. So, our little Princess will be getting dolled up for the occasion. The group photo is sure to be interesting, with kiddos scattering everywhere.We will then all dine together at a local Cantonese/ Portuguese Restaurant. We are excited about the evening and finally getting to hang out one last time with all of the amazing families in our travel group. We have all bonded so much the past weeks, and it is amazing to see how our families have evolved since arriving in China.
Tomorrow is our BIG DAY. The day that our whole trip was scheduled around..our appointment at the US Consulate. This is where we will take the oath that we are her parents and wish to make her a US Citizen. Then, once we land on US soil, she is an AMERICAN!!!!!

More photos to follow tomorrow!!!!

If you wouldn't mind...would you please pray for some sleep for us? This little girl just DOES NOT sleep and we are running on pure adrenaline, which is beginning to wear off. We are exhausted, homesick and I have started coming down with the virus that Mia had when she came to us. We could use some extra prayers for health and rest...thank you SOOOO much!!!!

We love and miss you all.....and to my sweet Boys......4 more sleeps till Mommy and Daddy begin our trek home!!!!!!!!!