An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet,regardless of time,place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Friday, March 1, 2013

Last Post from China!!!!

HOORAY!!!! This will be our last blog post from China!
While we have enjoyed getting to come and visit the birth country of our Daughter and learn all we can about her culture, let me be the first to tell you how excited we are that it is finally time to return home!! Ohh, do I miss the States!!! Drinkable water, comfort food, a washing machine...ohh...and lets  not forget, my 2 favorite things...MY BOYS!!!!!
Tomorrow, we will check out of the hotel at 10 am and head for the airport. we will fly 3 1/2 hours to Seoul, Korea. We will hub there for about 2 hours and then hop on our last plane that will take us home to the USA. We will land in Atlanta at around 6;30pm (after a looong 13 hr. flight). So, in case you missed it...that will be over 16 hours in a plane...with a baby.....FUN!!! I pity the poor folks on our flight. Something tells me we will be making lots of laps around the plane and lots of calls for the stewardess to bring us hot water for bottles. Lets hope she sleeps some, to make the flight A LITTLE easier. Once we land, we will hop in our car and drive another 3 hours home...Wheww......long day already, and it's not even here yet. But that's OK, because we will be headed home to begin our new life as a Family of 5!!!

Today, we basically just hung out and did some last minute shopping around town. There are 3 or 4 families in our group still left, so we have been just kind of mulling around together. We ventured to the local Wal-Mart for one last box of formula and wipes for the flight home. I have included some photos from our shopping trip. There is nothing quite like a Chinese Wal-Mart!!!

Want to see how we have been living for the last 18 days?? Out of a suitcase, and quite messy!! Notice the "No drinking tap Water" signs above the sink, and the washcloth over the faucet to REMIND us not to?! I have heard bad, bad things happen if you drink the water..and by the way they all emphatically stress for you NOT must be true. So, we have lived off of bottled water..and lots of it. My hair is in deep need of a keratin hydrating conditioner treatment when i get home. Im not sure if it is their water or shampoo, but this hair of mine has never felt worse!! Let's face it...after this trip...I am in need of a full body massage, pedicure, manicure, haircut, brow wax, clean set of clothes...OH....and a full nights sleep!!!

Mia Xin slept pretty good again last night. 3 hour uninterrupted stretches, before waking for a bottle. Brian woke feeling better today with NO THANK YOU for all of your prayers!!! We did not need him sick for our long trek home!

Tonight we will meet for one last dinner with the few remaining couples that are left here. Would you believe that there is a Japanese Hibachi Restaurant here in our, that;s where we will be!!! We had our last Chinese lunch this afternoon, and Brian quickly begged me to refrain from asking him to eat Chinese food for quite awhile once we are back home. Fine by me!!!

Our time here getting to know Mia Xin has been a whirlwind. She has changed so much in the week and a half we have had her in our arms. Even the couples in our group comment on how much they have seen her grow and change. She smiles at us, grabs for us, laughs, and just gazes up at me with her sweetest brown almond eyes, as I am holding her. We could not be happier to have found her and have her in our lives. We know that the Boys are so excited to see her!! They are all just going to adore each other!!

I want to extend our most heartfelt thanks to the 3 sets of Grandparents who jumped in with both feet and were so sweet to watch the Boys for us while we were on this trip. We know that it took alot on your parts and we are so happy to have you to call on. You kept the Boys happy and healthy and upbeat while we have been away. This has not been an easy trip for ANY of us, but knowing that  they were in your care made it so much more do-able. It was a sacrifice for ALL of our family...but, no doubt, one that was beyond worth it. We wold have traveled to the moon and back to bring this little girl home.

And to our dear friends who have rallied us through this trip, with your prayers, emails, and messages...we love each and every one of you! You all are the most supportive group of friends that a couple could ask for and we hope you know what each one of your emails and messages of support have meant to us. We have felt every drop of love from back home...and for that, we are eternally grateful.

I want to say a special thank you to our Sons' teachers, who went above and beyond to make the Boys feel extra special while their Mommy and Daddy were away. You had them in their care for the long school days, when breakdowns could have taken place, or crying could have ensued, due to our absence, but with your love and extra TLC, they did amazing. We are so lucky to have amazing teachers like YOU!!!!

We are so happy that you have taken such an interest in following our blog. It is amazing to read comments from people around the world that we don't even know..CRAZY!!! We will attepmt to keep our blog active and update it frequently, once we are back home and settled into our "new normal". Again...thanks so much for riding this crazy ride to China and back with us....

Love, for the LAST time, from China!!!!!!