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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

News flash!!!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled activities to bring you this news flash...

Guess who drank out of a sippy cup for the first time....SUCESSFULLY?!?!

Woo hoo!!! We have been trying for awhile now, but she has always rejected it. Cleft kiddos often have a hard time drinking out of regular sippy cups, since they are unable to "suck". Most parents have to the remove the valve and alter the spout, for success...which is JUST what we did. 
While our Speech Therapist was over for a session, we let Mia play with the cup..pretending to "feed" her baby doll. She quickly took over the cup...sorry, baby doll;-((

Later, when I knew she was good and ready for her regular bottle, I let her watch me fix it, got in our regular comfy spot..and ..bam....she took it! 
I am SO proud of her! (And I have to admit..SO relieved). I knew as we approach her 2nd Birthday, we were going to be getting the push to transition. We are trying to take baby steps with her progression, since EVERYTHING is so new to her. I mean...people don't always have their 7 mos olds off bottles, so....why the rush for us....??

For now, we are trying to introduce one new "milestone" at a time. At times, I feel like we are throwing a lot at her in such a short amount of time, but then at other times, I feel that in order for her to "keep up" in society with her "peers", she needs to "get moving".....We are lucky yo have great Therapists working with us, that gently push us, all the while being sensitive to where she's come from.

And so, for today...we just CELEBRATE...this FIRST drink from her Nuby!!!!