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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Another Milestone

For those of you who are Parents, you know exactly how important Milestones are. Any Milestone. We relish them, journal them, photograph them; so that they will stay forever ingrained in our minds.

With adoption, there are all sorts of Milestones equally as important to celebrate. And those of you who know us well, know that we celebrate EVERYTHING!!;-))

Earlier this month we reached a huge timeframe Milestone. This month, on the 18th, marked Mia being home 17 months. Why is 17 months so important? Because it now means that she has been HOME with us, longer than she was ever WITHOUT us. She now knows the love of a Family longer than she ever had to go without one. She has now been HELD, longer than she ever laid alone in a crib. 
Even while she quickly adjusted to her new life, I still always held this milestone in my heart as to when I would REALLY feel as if she KNEW she was home. And now, as we cross that threshold, it feels good. So good. 

It has been an amazing 17 months since first holding a scared, sick little baby anOcean  away. There were times early on when I worried if she would ever fully allow me to love her. If she would truly KNOW that we were hers and she was ours. But as I sit here typing this, she bounces on and off of my lap, nudging my shoulder and squeezing my neck so hard I can barely continue. 

She knows. 

And did I mention how good it feels??


Changin it up....

Well, going Private was hard.

We started this Blog to chronicle our Adoption and our journey. And along the way, SO many people found this little blog and learned about Adoption. And suddenly, every word I typed, became SO worth it. If one Family read our story and decided that they, too, could answer the call and take a leap of faith...this whole Blog was worth it. We met so many other Bloggers who came to know our sweet Family through the web and have developed a genuine interest in what's going on with us. Family andFriends  from afar, as well as total strangers. It has been a great experience, and one that I worried I may have to end, due to a few crazy readers.

And so, we took the blog private, edited all comments from the public and removed the Blog from our Adoption Agency's websight as well as the Henan Kids Blog, which had us featured.

This was hard. Taking our blog private meant we were no longer accessible to potential Adoptive Families. After lots of consideration and nudging from some other influential Bloggers,we have decided to take the Blog back Publically, so that we are now visible again on the amazing sites we were linked to. We are, however, changing our web address.  The hope is that with the new blog address, we can now start over with NEW blog subscribers and Followers. We are keeping the can you ditch ChickenNuggetsandChopsticks?!?! 

That's US!!!

And so, in order to search us by web, you will need to search us by our new blog address....

We hope that you will continue to follow our little journey and that those of you who missed out on our last few months, will eagerly catch back up!!!


Never gonna happen...

Staying up to date on the blog. Never gonna happen. 

Every night I have the best of intentions, but then, the kids are tucked in, the house is straightened, I sit down.....and .......


I think....maybe tomorrow I'll blog...;-))

July is almost over, which means so is the Boys a Summer Vacation. Just thinking that it's almost time for school to start back, makes me want to cry. We have been enjoying no alarm clocks, later nights, lots of a PJ days...ohh.....and do I have to mention, NO lunch boxes or homework!!!!!

We have lots planned during these last few weeks. Trying to schedule play dates with all of the sweet Friends we haven't seen yet, and we are gearing up for our nice vacation to the Keys. Oh....and a certain Someone will be turning NINE in a, of course, we have a Birthday Party to get planning!!
We celebrated a fabulous 4th of July with lots of grilled food and fireworks....and tubing!!!

I set out to accomplish a few goals this a Summer with little Miss. I had hoped to get her potty training, drinking from a cup (cleft kiddo problem), and possibly talking.

Well, so far we are zero for 3.... 

And that's ok.

We will get there.

Our little Ninja got promoted to his striped Brown belt in karate!  We are so proud of him and his determination!!!

We have enjoyed lots of visit from Friends and family this month which kept our house hopping. The kiddos have enjoyed their Camp and Mia is thriving in her Moms Morning Out program.

I started training for my FIRST 5K that I will attempt (haha) to run in October. Those that know me, know that the only place I run is to a good, I've got my work cut out for me! Luckily, I have my training crew, ready and willing to help me...

Mia had ear surgery at the beginning of the month, where we learned that due to previous untreated infection, she has no eardrum in her left ear. 

Both tubes, previously placed last year, had fallen out, and had to be replaced. We were told that due to the condition of her middle ear anatomy (not great), that this 2nd set may not stay, either. This is going to cause constant drainage problems and add to her ear issues already going on, due to her cleft palate. We are still unsure how her hearing is affected, due to the recent discoveries made during surgery. We go back for another exam and hearing test in a few weeks. At that visit, we will request a sedated hearing test, that may give us more answers as to what she can truly hear. With no Speech, still, we are now thinking the two are related....

Well, I'd better wrap up and get to my Birthday Preparations for my oldest!! He's super excited about the Big Day!!!

I hope that you are all enjoying your Summer...staying up late, soaking up the sun and enjoying your time together....

I will leave you with a few more photos of our summer...


Friday, July 25, 2014

Playing catch up...

I sat down last night to get caught up on one oft favorite Blogs..Chasing rainbows...and before I knew it, two hours had gone by, a box of tissues and my eyes were as puffy and red as they were tired. 
One of the things I realized while reading, post after post, was how utterly horrible I am at writing and keeping up with a Blog and how NICE it is to sit and read one that is REALLY good... Like hers!
With daily posts to Facebook and frequent daily phone chats with Friends and Family, I am finding that keeping up the ole Blog is proving quite difficult. I mean, just how much can one write about their daily events... And keep it interesting. You must have a BIG story, to keep folks tuning in For , right?? Well, the author of this sweet Blog I love so much is so good at capturing her daily moments and milestones, and I just LOVE tuning in regularly. And so, once again, I'm going to attempt to do better at my Blogging, if for no other reason, than to use it as a journal or diary for my Kids to look back and read one day..

June had come and gone in a flash and it's hard to believe we are already approaching our annual 4th of July fireworks on the Lake, coming up this weekend. The kids are all excited that their Grandparents will be here for the early Holiday celebrations and we are looking forward to lots of swimming and grilling. I can remember every one of our 4th of July's spent on the water watching fireworks. The first few, our oldest son couldn't stay awake for, and snoozed thru the colorful explosions. Alex and Mia have both made it up for their Independence Day celebrations in the past, so we will see if this year proves to be the same.

We have been enjoying lots of time outdoors, and in as much water as we can find ourselves in (these Hot 100 degree days are brutal!)

Our oldest participated in a Football camp, while the others are enjoying their time at their little Summer Camps. Miss Princess is slowly adjusting to her Moms Morning Out. While her and Mommy BOTh are enjoying the Break, I must admit, it doesn't come without a little guilt. While I know that she needs the structure, socialization and added discione that it gives her, I miss her for those few hours we are apart and am just hoping she is ok while we are separated. She's very clingy once we get back home and as we do our best to spend the rest of those days at Home and closely snuggled. She has the absolute sweetest Teachers who text me pictures periodically just to SHOW me that she is A OK!!

Papou came for a visit (and to check out his new 2ndary residence ). We are excited about beginning  the renovation of the new place, which will hopefully keep him planted here for longer periods of time!

Until next time.....

June in a FLASH!!!

Woah! Where has June gone?!? 

I mean, it's almost over!

Summer...pleeeease slowdown! You aren't favorite season. I need you to last as long as possible!!

Since wrapping up with both Boys school year, we have been super busy... In the water...;-))

Living on the water had it's perks. It's wet, blue and refreshing... And that's where you will find us most everyday.

You know it's been a good month when most loads of laundry consist of towels and swimsuits!
We took a trip to our Beach House where we rested, played, swam and spent lots of quality Family Time.

The kids played hard....

And slept well...

We took a day trip to visit my sweet Grandparents. I swear I think I leave my heart in a puddle on their floor when it's time to say goodbye. 
I love them so much and wish everyday that they lived closer. It's so hard to be away from them. I was so fortunate growing up to have them 15 minutes away. Oh what I would give to have that be the case now.

We've also thrown in a few Date Nights, basketball camp and lots play dates!

How are you enjoying your Summer Break? Hope you are making lots if fun memories to carry you through once the dreaded Winter returns...;-)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

So long, 2nd Grade!!!

Well, 2nd grade is in the books.

Next stop..... 3rd grade!!

We are so proud of our Oldest. Our Firstborn. He has a place in my heart all for himself.

When he was only 4 months old, he contracted a very serious Respiratory virus and infection. His first Thanksgiving, he went into respiratory failure and was rushed by ambulance to the nearest Children's Hospital, where he was quickly put on a ventilator and wheeled to the PICU where he would spend over 2 weeks in an induced coma.

While his body rallied, and eventually fought off the nasty virus and his lungs healed, it is moments like these, where I am reminded vividly of how lucky we are to have him. To get to celebrate Kindergarten and beyond....lucky, for sure.

This year was an amazing year for our sweet Boy. 

He excelled in Math, beefed up his "chapter book" reading, learned cursive and joined his school's Running Team. We were so fortunate to have an amazing  Teacher. Nick loved her and it was easy to see that the feeling was mutual. She cheered when he excelled and rallied around him where he met struggles. A great mentor, for sure!!!

While he is sad to spend a few months away from his classmates, he is anxious to do lots if THIS......

I'm fairly certain this is where I will find him everyday of his Summer vacation!!!