An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet,regardless of time,place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Craaaaaawling towards the finish line

oh, Summer break..would you pleeeeease hurry up??

these last few weeks have been busy, as we have been preparing for school to wrap up and Summer break to begin, but then at times, have seemed to move at a snails pace.

Every morning, as I pack Nick's lunch, I say to myself.."HOW many more sandwiches till we are done??"

Finally..I can see the end in site, as Nick wraps up his last 2 days of First Grade!! Yahoo!!!!

We have been spending lots of time on the boat..

 Nick had his Field Day at school, which we attended..sweating profusely..all the while..cheering him on..

My witty, smart Boy also made it into the 100 book club at school. During the beginning of the year, all first graders were challenged to try to read 100 books at their reading level before the end of the school year. To our delight, Nick read almost 170!! Thats almost a book each night!! The readers were awarded with a tee shirt, certificate and assembly the other day, which we were excited to attend.I began reading to both Boys at a very early age and believe it is the foundation for an outstanding education and imagination. Way to go, NICK!!! kEEP READING!!!!

Miss Mia is just adjusting marvelously...
we met back with the Surgeon today, who checked the fistula (hole) that had opened up a few weeks ago, but concurred that it was very small and did not warrant any revision or further surgery...enter HUGE sigh of relief!!! He said that he feels as long as it does not get any larger, she should be good to go until her bone graft at age 7. She will be evaluated by the Cleft Teams Speech Therapist at age 4 , and if at that time, they feel her Speech is very delayed and may be due to the palate, he said he MAY go in then and try a surgical revision..
But for now..all that is VERY good news!!!

Ohh..and look who is even pitching in with chores....she loves to help me with trash duty!!

We I have been feverishly packing for our upcoming beach trip. We are all so ready to breathe in that fresh salt air and hear those calming waves. Our beach house is not rented next week, so we thought it was the opportune time to make use of it and kick off the Summer.

blessings to you all!!!