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Monday, November 12, 2012

What the HECK are we waiting for???

The question I get asked daily....."When do you get to go get your girl??"

Oh, if I only knew!! That is the million dollar question around here!

Now that we have found our Daughter, we are waiting on a VERY important document from China, know to us in the adoption world, as the LOA. This is the formal letter of acceptance from China for us to adopt Xin Xin. We need this document before we can apply to US Homeland Security for travel approval and for our Visas.

So..when is this LOA coming? The wait for this is one of the lengthiest parts of this process . (Except for us, who took almost a whopping 7 months to complete our dossier...yikes!!!). They tell us to prepare to wait 3 mos (90 days)from when your dossier is logged in, and if you are really unlucky, you will get to enter the "Century Club" where the wait takes over 100 days (we are desperately praying that this is NOT US!!).
We are currently on Day 65....YES, we are counting...
We are hoping for the LOA to come by 90 days, or early December. (But China....if you want to send it so!!)
Once we get this document, we have a few more steps that are fairly quick in timeframes to complete, before we get to board a 797 to China. Those last few steps to travel take about 2 mos.
When we do the math in our heads, we would optimistically love to travel in late February, but realize with potential delays, that it could be March.

And so, we wait patiently, faithfully and know that we will see her soon.

We also pray for updates on our little girl. Our agency will call the Orphanage for an update at Day 90 of our wait, or when we receive the LOA, whichever comes first. They cannot promise that the orphanage will comply and send an update. We just have to hope they will. We also are paying for her Sponsorship (care) in the Orphanage. They promised to give us an update every 4 months. We received one right after taking over her sponsorship in October, so that wouldnt mean we would get another one for that until February. That's a long time to see my girl.
I have had the priviledge of meeting several Moms on facebook who also have a little one waiting on them in the SAME orphanage. They will travel before us, and they have graciously offered to find our Daughter for us, while they tour the Orphanage, and get some photos for us!! One special friend has even offered to let me send her some special things and she will pack them and take them with her, to deliver to our Daughter. These are truly the best gifts we could receive during this process. The wait (especially without updates) is torture, and these friends get this....I absolutely promise to pay it forward to another Mom waiting , when it is our turn to travel.

And so..that is where we are, in a nutshell.....
waiting for LOA...

You will know when we receive this precious document!! You will hear me shouting from the rooftop!!