An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet,regardless of time,place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Thursday, November 15, 2012

An Update and Pictures!!!

When you are adopting, the wait is dreadful!!! You WAIT to be "approved" to WAIT to be matched with your child..and then you WAIT to travel. I had heard how hard the wait between being matched and getting travel approval was, but I really had no idea...until recently. I have seen her face, started her bedroom, shopped for her, sent her care packages, pray for her daily..but I can't hold her.
Throughout the process you are told that you MAY get updates. Some are voluntarily given, some you have to search out..regardless of how you get them, they overwhelm you with joy, and give you a little "wind in your sail" during your wait.
Last week we found out that our dossier was finally Out Of Translation. This is good news and another step towards travel. If China had ANY questions or last minute doubts about us adopting our Daughter, this is where they would come into play..and we sailed through and are currently in the matching room where our file is being matched with hers. It will then be reviewed one last time and sent back to the States to our Agency. Even though this would seem like a pretty quick step, (I mean after all, it's been translated!), it still seems to take awhile to complete the review, just due to the back up of files waiting. They are estimating it can take another 5 weeks to get the coveted LOA we need to send to Customs. That would put us receiving it around Dec. 20th...103 days after being "logged in" with China. We are praying that it comes then (or sooner!) What a wonderful Christmas present! Then the remaining paperwork would move rather quickly and we would have a better idea of travel. I am thinking early this point
Now...onto this update!!
I woke up this morning to receive 4 new photos and updated measurements of our girl!! she is currently 17.6 lbs (not sure if this is WITH the 3 layered snowsuit on). Last month she was 14.7 lbs, so that is a big jump for a child in an orphanage, and one who has an open palate!! She also has made some major developmental jumps. Last month she was not able to sit on her own..this month..completely sitting unassisted and even looking like she is starting to crawl!! She has 4 teeth (2 up top, 2 on the bottom). She is described as a good eater, but does not ever smile.This makes me sad to hear. I wonder why she doesn't smile....In her earlier photos, before she had her cleft lip repaired, she was ALL smiles. Big ole grin. The cutest thing you have ever much personality. Ever since her surgery, the Nannies report that she doesn't smile. Is she sad? Does her lip still hurt from surgery? These are things that a Mother worries about. How I long to get a hold of her and MAKE her smile. You WILL smile, pretty girl!! I promise you!
Here is our girl!!!

I have never prayed for time to hurry up. For days, weeks and months to fly by...but I do now. I have 2 Boys who are at the cutest age right now. The things they are saying and doing are priceless. I should want to freeze time. Make it stand still. Instead I want to close my eyes, click my heels and fast forward to February, where we will be making plans to travel. Our family is just not complete with this sweet girl missing. Part of my heart is half way across the Ocean. I tear up every single time I glance at her photo.

TIME..........please fly!!!!