An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet,regardless of time,place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Forget the Frock 2014

Forget the Frock started when God convicted the heart of one woman...

Emily, born and raised in the South, knew all too well the annual Easter lead-up: stores filled with expensive frilly clothing, mom’s discussing the perfect dresses and little Easter suits for months before the day arrived. She had lovingly participated in the tradition her entire life and as the mom of two young girls the tradition was sure to continue.

But, you see, God had begun to change Emily's heart. Thanks in part to the adoption process of her best friend Emily's eyes had been opened to the plight of the orphan. Her heart had been stirred for the needy, the helpless, the widowed, and the victimized. God had meticulously planted a seed of change in her heart, which had taken root and demanded more room, more time, more focus...and suddenly, she found the entire Easter tradition frivolous. 

Instead of seeing frilly dresses, she saw hollow bellies and sunken eyes. Every price tag reminded her of just how many children could be fed with that one purchase.

Emily had recently become acquainted with Feeding the Orphans, how the purchase of just one t-shirt from their site could help feed an orphan. She knew she heard the gentle voice of Jesus nudging her to do something to honor the orphans He loved so dearly.  

Forget the hair bows, forget the shoes, and forget the dainty little cardigans… FORGET THE ENTIRE EASTER FROCK… The Fox Family would FEED an Orphan with their Easter attire!

As Emily and her husband, Jason shared their convictions,people began to share the passion... others followed their lead using social media sites to spread the word and invite friends to join. Soon, hundreds of people, even entire church congregations, were choosing to “Forget the Frock."  The numbers are humbling. Since 2011FORGET THE FROCK has helped raise nearly $50,000 for orphan care simply by asking people to dress with a PURPOSE on Easter.

Our mission this year is Orphans.. To help feed ONE (or in our case, 5), but you can choose ANY mission...and buy a tee to wear on Easter. Show your support and take a stand... go against the grain... .I promise... You'll be glad you did!

So, ditch those frilly dresses, neckties and buttons shirts your kids hate wearing, and choose an Organization that supports something important to you!!
We have had fun picking out our favorite tees that will each help support an Orphan.. And we will be sporting them next weekend....

Will you??