An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet,regardless of time,place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Monday, April 1, 2013

Blessings at Easter

It feels like a dream come true, that I sit and type this post, while watching our little girl playing on the floor with her dolls and toys. This time last year, we gathered in Church, as a Family of 4, dreaming of what THIS day would feel like...our first holiday with OUR GIRL. As I sit and reflect on this past year, and the blessings that have been bestowed upon our family, I am truly at a loss for words. We are so fortunate, so blessed..and all there is to do is to PRAISE him.

We have been gearing up for Easter all week around here. Stuffing eggs for Alex's Egg Hunt at preschool, dying eggs, receiving Easter goodies in the mail (thank goodness for Grandparents!!),
 and of course, preparing for our debut back at Church, since returning home from China with Mia. We have been laying low this past month, trying to keep her out from public as much as possible in hopes of working on bonding and attachment. But, oh how I have missed our Church, and it is TIME to get back!! Can I just tell you how sweet the sight of her Easter dress hanging in her room is to me?? Her little shoes..her frilly socks...oh so sweet!!!

Easter Goodies from Nana & Grandaddy...

And Grandma & Grandpa.....

It was so nice to be back at Church, in the same pews I sat for a year, praying to God to see us through this Adoption. He layed the urge in our hearts and I knew he would see us through it, but there were weeks of roadblocks and hiccups that would leave me praying on Sundays for progress the next week. And here we are, back in those pews, with a wiggle worm, cutie pie in our laps that is making it difficult for us to make it through the whole service....that's ok, though!!! We'll take it!!Im so thankful to have Mia here, where she can learn all about what it means to be a Christian; To learn about Jesus Christ, and the true salvation he promises to those who love HIM. SHE is a child of God, and now in a home where she can learn all about what that means and how special a gift that is.

The Boys (and Mia) enjoyed their Easter Egg hunt at home. They raced to fill their baskets, and yes, sibling rivalry came out in full effect."I found it FIRST..NO! I found it FIRST!!" Needless to say, they both filled their baskets and came away with plenty of goodies!

Speaking of GOODIES!! Oh yes....the EASTER BUNNY came!!
He brought some super cute baskets filled with JUST what they were hoping for! And sweet Mia got her FIRST Easter Basket!!!! Oh how I hope this sweet girl comes to love these special holidays as much as I remember looking forward to them as a little girl growing up!



We spent Saturday night dying eggs. The mini mad scientists enjoyed coming up with different color combinations for their creations....and we had a blast....a MESSY blast!!!

We spent the evening reading the story of Easter to the Boys and reminding them once again of how Jesus DIED for us to LIVE. We hope that our Children will always remember the importance of this day..
This has been the sweetest, most meaningful Holiday for us, for so many reasons. We hope that your Easter was equally as special and that forever memories were made!!

will close with a few more photos from our Easter...

With Love at Easter....