An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet,regardless of time,place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break and Sleepless Nights......

So, as I type this post, I am sitting in my garage..outside of my car where my sleeping daughter lays peacefully in her car seat...I don't dare move her.. because, lets face it...she is SLEEPING! Something she doesn't do very much of.

Our nights have been rough, to say the least. She started off barely sleeping at all, crying throughout the night. Then she spent a week "improving", where she would wake briefly around 11;30, but was able to be lulled back to sleep, wake promptly at 3:15am for a bottle, and then go back down until around 8:30 am. Now that wasn't "ideal", but given that we are now back to all nighters of screaming and crying...I would gladly take the one bottle a night we had a few weeks ago.
I'm not really sure what it is. She never slept soundly for us, while we were in China. She is obviously tired, but just can't find a way to get comfortable...either on me or in her crib. We recently moved her into her full size crib, thinking it would give her more room, now that she was comfortable with her new surroundings. Well, all she does when she sees the crib, is SCREAM. Not working out so well for us. I have tried (against my better judgement..but hey...whatever works), nightlights on, complete darkness, sound machine, radio, loveys for her to hold....she just simply cries....
Recently, i feel like she is not liking the separation. I feel like we have made some strides in bonding with her and getting her used to us, and now it seem,s like she just DOESNT want to be away from us.....but that's a good thing, right??? In the adoption world and world of literature on bonding..this is what we strive for...for this child to come to know us as HERS and to NOT want to be away from us. So, secretly, I am jumping for joy that we are getting there...just not when it comes to bedtime..
And so, I will try to keep the tired, exhausted rants on Facebook to a minimum and just remember what it took to get her here with us....and that it is worth every night of crying that comes.
(But...just a LITTLE sleep would be nice)>>>>>

As I mentioned before, we set up her full sized crib last week and made some finishing touches to her room. I think I finally have it like I want it. I have a small rocking chair left to paint and add in, but other than that, I think I'm done...but who knows... I'm libel to change my mind at any moment......
We initially have had her sleeping in a portable crib, like the one in her Orphanage. We felt like it would feel "safer" to her, as she was used to the confined spaces before. She didn't move during the night and was kept on her back, and so for several nights, she mimicked that sleeping behavior, even here. But the other night, I went to check on her and saw that she had finally starting turning over in her sleep (yay!!) and was now laying sideways and getting pretty was time to Up size.....

We spent our Spring Break visiting with family and with a trip to our Beach House. Granddaddy came for a visit the first part of the week and stayed with the Boys, so that we could attend to some Doctor appts.

Then we packed up and headed to the Rainy Beach, where we spent most of our times indoors. It was Ok, as we needed to do some more work on the house to get it ready for Rental Season. Mia got to FINALLY meet her Papou (that's Greek, for Grandfather) and her Great Grandparents!!!! It was a wonderful visit and she was right at home in every one's arms...just so happy to have all of this love around her. I cannot begin to tell you what the visit from my Grandparents meant. I love these 2 people like there is no tomorrow. Growing up, we lived very close by and so they practically were our "2nd parents". We were at their house as often as our own. I adore them and am so fortunate to still have them here. They are elderly and not in the best health, and I have always prayed that they would be around to know my Children...and here they are...welcoming Great Grandchild #3!!!! I took a bunch of pictures and will cherish that visit always..

The weather is starting to really feel like SPRING here, this week!! Thank the Lord! I'm even wearing capris and flip flops...holla!!!!Praying that this weather (minus the pollen) stays and that Spring has finally come to stay...I need some Vitamin D.....

Last week, we met with the ENT for our last "pre-surgery" consult for Mia. Now we just wait to hear from the 2 surgeons on a date for her palate repair. As much as I am dreading it, we need to get this girl able to eat solids!!! I always enjoy bumping into strangers when we are out running errands who have experienced having or knowing a cleft child "somehow" and feel the desire to tell us what we have in store. The other day we encountered a Grandmother who began to tell us all about her Grandsons "bad lip"..(i had to laugh as she couldn't even come up with the term "cleft"). Anyway, she went on to say.."Boy, you have a lot in store down the you know that??" I began to think..."No shit you REALLY think we DON'T??" Then at the supermarket, I spotted a lady glancing at Mia and smiling from a good distance away. As we got closer she began saying.."Ohhh , she looks like a doll baby". Then she spotted her lip, and asked "Are you going to get THAT fixed??". I was very tempted to ask if she was going to get her face fixed, but I remained polite, and simply answered "Yes". While the looks and glares were much worse in China, I still have to remember that we, here in the States, also pride ourselves on perfection. We teach our children that differences are odd...and remarks can come from anywhere..ohh well...we will roll with it...for now......;-))

This week, we are looking forward to a fun visit with 2 of my super sweet Adoption friends. Both live close by and have adopted beautiful little girls, also from China. We met  during our paperwork process, but have not seen each other since bringing home our 3 Daughters. It is going to be so much fun to have them all under one roof!!! Pictures to come!!!!

Rather than ramble on, I'll just simply post a few pics from our last week..and let them speak for themselves...

Many blessings to all of you who are still tuning in!!!!