An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet,regardless of time,place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lookin Up

Well, I'm happy to report that after a little week of struggle (mostly on Mommas part), we are on the up swing. While I know that we will have our fair share of ups and downs, I'm just relishing this pleasant moment we are in. I'm determined this week WILL be better. I mean, it HAS to....right???
Alex started his 2nd round of antibiotics, Mia began a round (thanks to an overly kissy, lovey, germy brother), Brian started HIS 2nd dose of antibiotics since China, and I just finished my 2nd...did you keep up with all of that?? I mean..., the heck could there be ANY more germs in us???? Lets hope that the rise in temperature as the week progresses is an indication of how things are going to go for us...UP!!!!! After all, this is how we have ALL felt around here.....

I got to spend a little solo time with my favorite 7 year old at his annual Spring Festival held at his school. We got to "bond" and hang out, which I think I needed as much as he did. He was so excited about the DJ they were having in the Gym (I saw a scene from Diary of a Whimpy Kid play out in my mind, where the Mom and Son did the craziest dance)...I asked him if he wanted us to re-create it...he politely declined my offer to embarrass him immensely;-)). We enjoyed popcorn, jump castles and lots of ticket booth activities while we were was a really fun night!!!!

Our silly 4 year old is keeping us laughing with the crazy off the wall things he says. The other day on the way home from preschool he informed me that he couldn't talk to me until he "turned his volume back up"....because he was to,d to "turn it down at school because he was too loud".... HIM??? Too loud??? Nahhh.......

He continues to just overly adore his new baby sister, and feels the need to kiss all over her (hence the now snotty nose) as often as he can. The other night, after a slew Of off the wall crazy topics of conversation..he actually switched gears on us and asked us the most serious question..." what did the mommy look like whose belly Mia came out of??".. We stopped in our tracks...not quite prepared for that one right then, and then just explained to him that we didn't know who she was, but that God knows, and he is making sure that SHE knows that Her little girl is being taken very good care of. That was enough to satisfy a busy 4 year old, and as quickly as the conversation turned serious, it took another turn toward silliness....

Miss Mia is just continuing to amaze us everyday. She is so happy, inquisitive and just the sweetest, tiniest thing I have ever seen. Sometimes I pick her up and just think..goodness....she is small!! In pictures, you just can't see HOW tiny..but trust me..she is a peanut!! 12 mos barely fitting her, wearing 6-9 mos shoes and little size 2 diapers (tiny toosh!!)

She loves to pull herself up, holding onto the couch or furniture. She will cruise the length of the couch, holding on..and letting go, for only a second or two. She still isn't sleeping THE schedule we would prefer, but I think we may be getting there. She will eventually sleep for 5 to 6 hour stretches, but they just aren't the 5-6 hours we would prefer! I'm really not certain why she can't seem to sleep restfully. I suppose that in the Orphanage, she never really "rested", although she spent MORE than enough time in a crib. I'm sure she probably shared a crib with another baby, and so ,that, coupled with all of the constant noises, probably made it difficult. You would think, however, that now that she has her OWN crib, with a nice cozy room, a noise machine to drown out outside sounds and some ohh so cozy sheets, that sweet girl would SLEEP!! Maybe. One day.We are still attempting small amounts of solid foods occasionally, but it always seems to be an epic fail..and nothing but a big mess. A little goes in...and then....right out of the nose...and then the crying starts! So, we will be transitioning her to a Stage 3 formula with is for much older toddlers, in hopes of getting her a few extra calories. We just hope that once her palate is closed, she will be able to eat solids and actually SWALLOW them.
Want to know an interesting fact about open palate kiddos?? Well, they are an open book to what they have put in their mouths. Case in point..yesterday, while I wasn't looking, she apparently found a leaf on the floor, and put it in her mouth. Five seconds later...ACHOO!!!!! A big ole sneeze..and out came the leaf..all of it, out of her nose!!  The other night, we were having noodles. Well, I don't have to paint a picture for you of how that meal went for her....the Boys got a laugh out of it, though :-(

I'm soooo happy to report that bath time is now a huge FUN part of our evenings!! She LOVES the tub and spends her time just splashing away!!! Thank The Lord.....our kids need to like the water!!! Since we live on the water, it's kind of a vital part of our lives!!! She will get introduced to the Lake this Summer!!! 15 months before ever experiencing a real bath in a bathtub.....priceless....

So, basically this past week has taught me that I need to realize that there will be ups and downs...rough days, easy days. We are in a transition period, as all families are who have added to their family...but at the end of the day (the LOOOOOONG day), (sorry..I just couldnt resist..)...we are a FAMILY.....a FAMILY that has always been STRONG, FAITHFUL,LOYAL and full of LOVE. We are now a family to this sweet precious little girl. And while there are sure to be days where she screams, cries and regresses.....we don't have to look very hard to see what this change means to her. It is written all over that big smile..
My prayer each night is that God will continue to bless me with the Wisdom it takes to care for these sweet,precious children that he has entrusted me with. I pray to be able to meet their needs, comfort their fragile hearts and wipe their tears when they fall. I pray that he will show us the many sides to our new Daughter, so that we may understand exactly HOW to care for her-when we don't understand what she needs. This is my biggest wish. To be the best Mother that I can be...after all...they deserve nothing less

We are a FAMILY...and Families are FOREVER..........