An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet,regardless of time,place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Monday, January 7, 2013

Thoughts on a year past....

Well, 2013 is officially here, and I am sitting reflecting on the past year.
We have had an extremely blessed, happy, fulfilling year. What more could we ask for?
Everyone who was with us the year before, is still with us now. We have not had to say "goodbye" to any loved ones. We have all made new friends, strengthened bonds that we already had with family and friends and we are thriving as a family unit. It couldn't get more perfect...unless Daddy was
The Boys celebrated their 4th and 7th Birthdays, we made our first(of hopefully many)trips to Disney World, we traveled to see out-of-state family, soaked up the sun every weekend we could in the Lake. Alex got to "tube" for the first time. Nick lost his first tooth, Alex learned how to write his name...ya know...the things that are like icing to a cake.
My family has been blessed with so much. We have a warm, comfy home, a strong loving relationship, an amazing relationship with God....I simply could not ask for more.
We are so happy that last year God layed the desire to adopt on our hearts. While I think I have always been drawn to the idea;it was last year when the desire was really brought to the forefront..and there was no denying...this was how we would find our little girl. We are so grateful to have heard his calling, and to have had the courage to act on it. Here we are, nearly a year later from acting on that urge, almost waiting for our final travel approval. God has moved mountains and given us a Daughter...and that is one of the biggest blessings I will take from 2012 and carry into 2013.
Rather than elaborate on the happenings of our past year, here are a few snapshots from 2012!

Our year was amazing, our hearts were full and our blessings were abundant....

Here's hoping to another spectacular year!!!!

many blessings,