An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet,regardless of time,place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Thursday, January 24, 2013

friends and care packages....

This past weekend, we had a visit from one of my best friends, and her sweet little family. It was the best visit and we are already begging them to come back again. The kids are close in age and had a blast...playing the whole time. I just love my girlfriend to pieces. We have been dear friends for about 10 years and hit it off instantly, as soon as we met. Although we live a few hours apart, we talk twice a day, and spend the entire conversations just laughing, laughing, laughing. We have both suffered the loss of our Mothers at young ages, and just seem at times to be very similar soul sisters. Girlfriends, at any age in life, are truly one of the best gifts you can have....

In other a sort of "Six degrees of separation" way, I found proof earlier this week that apparently the care packages I have been mailing our sweet girl, HAVE in fact been making it to her Orphanage. Each time I send one, I just go on faith that they are actually making it to their destination. So nice of the Postal Worker here to tell me that they were "not track able", when i later learned from a friend, that they ARE indeed trackable. oh well.... proof of their arrival came Monday morning as I eagerly logged on to the computer to view pictures of a fellow adoptive parent from our same Adoption agency who is currently over in Ch*na, and had her Gotcha Day. I was dying to see photos of her precious Daughter! Imagine my surprise when i tune in to see photos of her Daughter wearing one of the VERY scarves that my Mother in law had handmade and that i had included in my care packages..for the Nannies!!! The little girl was wearing it!!! CRAZY!!!
Well, at least I knew that the boxes were making their way to my sweet girl's orphanage.And know what that meant...Yep, another carepackage was going out!!!!
So, we headed to the store to sock up on a few more items to send off one last package, before our arrival to go meet her. We gave it a Valentines theme. Alex picked out a teddy bear and a rubber duck, Nick picked out some socks, we printed off some recent photos of us, made a bag of goodies for the Nannies..and shipped it off. And yes, this time I kept the tracking number!! will be able to follow it there!!
The week otherwise has seemed to D...R...A...G..

 We are STILL waiting for our final travel call. Day 8..but who's counting???
this week we got word that Travel Calls were issued to families on Day 11 of  their wait. So, next week should be OUR week. Of course, you have to throw a Holiday right in the mix to throw everything off. Usually, once you get your Travel Call, you are asked to leave 8 days later....well, Ch*nese New Year is approaching and the Govt shuts down for a no adoptive families are allowed to travel until Feb. 13th.Families who got their Travel Calls yesterday were sealed to leave out on the 13th. We are praying that there will still be spots for us to leave then, assuming our call comes next week. If not, we would get bumped till the next week. I swear, I think right now, if you told me I had to add ONE MORE week to my wait..I'm likely to explode...
We received what will most likely be our last update on our Girl, today. I must admit..I haven't gotten much done since I opened my email and saw her photos. Her report was good. Says she sleeps from 8pm to 7 am ...holla!!!!, babbles, scoots in her walker. I swear, I could just stare into those big brown almond shaped eyes for hours...I love this little girl, who I've never met, so much it hurts.
                                                How could you not fall in love with this blessing???

And so.....hopefully next week this blog will be alive with talk of travel plans and flights..
say a prayer for us...would ya???