An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet,regardless of time,place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our Girl's Birthday- Mia is 2!!!

Since bringing her home earlier this year, I have looked so forward to THIS day. The day that our sweet girl was born. And now ,as it is here, I sit filled with a million different emotions. I am so overjoyed with this precious blessing that took her first breaths on a cold November day in China. Amazed at the obstacles she has overcome in her short 2 years here on Earth. Humbled at the opportunity to be the one to raise her as my own and watch her grow. But aside from all of these wonderful emotions that bring a huge smile to my face, there also comes a twinge of sadness. When you look at the whole picture of WHO this little girl is and HOW she came into our lives, you have to face the reality of WHY she is ours. She was born to a Mother, who because of country birth limits and lack of accessibility to adequate medical care for Special needs, was unable to keep her as her own. 

The sheer magnitude of this breaks my heart.
And so as we celebrate this special day, I am filled with questions. Was she born at night or during the day? Was she born in a hospital or at home, in secrecy, like so many children in China are? Was her birth a surprise?(some reports we have suggest she was very premature). And mostly, how did this poor woman feel as she wrapped her newborn baby up and had to leave her somewhere to be found? Was she abandoned because she was a second child or was it due to her severe cleft lip and palate? How many days did her Mother keep her, before having to walk away from her? Does she remember this day, and if so, what emotions is SHE feeling today?
These are questions we will never have the answers to, but I can only imagine the anguish that comes with each of these situations. And it tears at my heart. I knelt at the altar today and Church and said a special prayer for her past and those in it. That their hearts have a peace and that they always know that Beauty comes from Ashes. 
That amongst pain and sadness, comes JOY.
On the other side of the world sat a family who longed for a Daughter. A Daughter with beautiful skin, black shiny hair and precious almond shaped eyes. We didn't care where she was, but we set out on search to find her.
And thanks be to GOD, he lead us right to her!

We celebrated her First Birthday without her, gathered with a few of our closest friends. We had a cake made and we made lots of wishes. We prayed that she was warm and cared for in her Orphanage, that somehow she knew something better was coming, and we prayed for Gods hands to be on her, keeping her safe while we waited to hold her.

Fast forward a year..and we are celebrating this year with her HOME!!!
She has no idea how special this day is, but oh boy, are we going the extra mile to try and make her understand!

Our sweet family came into town to help us with our 4 day birthday weekend. We celebrated with a super fun Party with lots of little friends the day before and then celebrated AGAIN, a little more low key, the day OF her actual Birthday, with just our little family. In true Birthday tradition, there were lots of cupcakes, candles, wishes and presents!!!

I made a wish for her as I blew out her candle..that she ALWAYS know how much she is loved. That she always know she was CHOSEN and PRAYED for. And that every Birthday from here on out, be as special to her as it is to us.

We want to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who came to celebrate this special day with us and those who sent calls and messages, wishing her a Happy Birthday...
We are so grateful to have so many friends and family members that are so anxious to love her!

Happy Birthday, our sweet girl.....
You are such a big girl!!!!

Mommy & Daddy