An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet,regardless of time,place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Catching up....October in Review.

Holy smokes...just like that, in the blink of an eye, October is gone and we are knee deep in a Fall. Fall. Not one of my favorite Seasons. I'm much more of a Spring and Summer kind of gal. Love the sun, water, hot days, lemonade, Popsicles and flip flops. There's not much of that goin on during, I usually run kicking and screaming from the first sign of cooler weather. Folks around here love it though. The first day of September, and out come the Pumkins and Mums. Hold on people...hold on people...let's squeeze what we can out of what's left of our beautiful Summers.'s here and nothing is going to change that, so we'd better roll with it.

We've been lucky to spend our October with lots of visitors. Since all of our family lives at least a good 3 hours away, when they come, they come for overnights visits, which the kids love. Whenever we tell them that someone is coming, the first thing they ask is.."how many nights are they staying??!!" They love waking up to having family here, and so we truly cherish those visits.

We also enjoyed a wonderful visit from a sweet couple that we met during our trip to China. They were also adopting a sweet girl, who we later would learn was given the a EXACT same Chinese name as our sweet girl. Talk about random! (You should gave seen my face when the lady was telling us about their little girl. She told us her name, followed by age (also 15 mos), and that she was a little cleft girl. Umm....I think the color LEFT my face. Until she whipped out a photo, and we exhaled. Different little girl...whew...but she had us worried for a bit!:-)
We formed a great friendship while in China and have kept in touch since returning home. They came out for a weekend visit and it was so bittersweet to see them again. Our girls have changed so much. They are so happy, healthy and full of life. 

So...back to the fact that it's Fall. Well, Fall means our annual trip to the Pumkin Patch, and so, off we went....
We ventured through the big corn find our way out quite a long time after entering....;-))
We chose our Pumpkins, ate a little and the Boys enjoyed a competitive game of Corn hole.

We took the Boys and snuck away to their favorite indoor waterpark, The Great a Wolf Lodge. We had gone last October and the Boys have been been begging to go back since we left. Nana and Grandaddy were so gracious to keep Mia for the weekend, so that we could spend some much needed alone time with the Boys. Everyone had a great time!
Here are a few shots from Mia's visit with Nana and Grandaddy....

And then..there's HALLOWEEN!!
Alex chose 2 costumes this year and rotated between them (Iron Man 3 and Teenage Mutant Turtle, Raphael). Sadly, Nick decided against dressing up and opted just to help me give out candy. He had his costumes on standby, just in case... Mia was WonderWoman....cutest little superhero I've ever seen!!

Also, in big news..Nick lost another tooth!!!
And.....our little Ninja earned his Purple-striped belt!!!

While I was scrolling through my camera, I realized just HOW many photos I'd snapped last month ! Too many for this blogpost alone, so I'll do another "camera dump" post soon!!!

Hope this post finds you all well and excited about Fall...2 super important holidays coming up soon! Hope you're getting ready!!!

Blessings, Angie