An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet,regardless of time,place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A week in a Review....

Well, since our last post, we are STILL going strong with the sippy cup, and dare I say, maaaay be done with our cleft bottles!! Wooo hooo!! While I really could have cared less HOW long she continued to use her cleft bottle, it's one less thing I have to "explain" to people when I'm out in public. I swear, when I'm at home, in our little cocoon, I feel perfectly secure with how Mia is doing and the strides she's making. 
Leave the house. Run into that old friend at the store. And BOOM. I'm "rationalizing, explaining, yada yada". The questions start. "Is she on a cup?" "Is she talking?"
Ugh.....someone take me back to my cocoon.

I don't know why I get so riled up. It's not like I haven't been here before. Our firstborn, bless his heart, was slow to start everything. Slow to crawl, slow to walk, and We thought he would NEVER talk! We even called in the help of our a pediatrician and a private Speech Therapist, who over and over again reassured us...relax,  he's just delayed. It will come.
Well, I overly rationalized this to my other Mom friends...and then, one day...he started talking...and never stopped.

I know this will most likely be the case with our sweet Girl, but I still get so disheartened when I'm out and see others her age, doing the things she is not. I feel the need to "explain" to people her history and perhaps the reasons for her delays, when I really know, that all children develop at different strages and she will "get there when she gets there"

Ugh.....the things us Momma's worry over.

Moving on..

Last week, We celebrated our One year a Referral Day Anniversary. The day we received the Call and first saw her face. I will never forget this day, as it carries the same excitement as the days I learned I was pregnant with both boys. I remember exactly where I was and how I felt on both of those days, and this October 3rd 2012 was no different. Pure Excitement!! And imagine finding out you're going to have a baby AND  getting to see their face, all on the same day!! Double excitement!!!

These are the first glimpses we got of our girl, as we opened our inbox that Wednesday afternoon around 4:30pm.....

"Could she be YouR Daughter? Is SHE the one??" 
Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!

Fast forward a year. We've made our way through webs of paperwork, struggled with Government officials who didn't see our "priority" as their priority, boarded a plane that would take us half way around the World, spent 3 weeks in a Country getting to know this tiny little girl that was now ours, brought her home and introduced her to her new life, labored with her through her first surgery, and have gotten to witness all of her firsts, so far. 
I mean.....what a year it has been since that phone call!!!

We are enjoying every movement of this BLESsED life that go god has given us.

While the calendar says it's Fall, we are soaking up the remainder of the nice weather. Enjoying boat rides and days outside, while we can.

We have had my Dad here visiting, which has been so nice! He cooks, cleans and takes the Boys to and from school....NICE!
The kids have been in hog heaven with him here, and we are sad to see him leave tomorrow.

We have a BIG weekend planned, coming up. We are taking the Boys to their favorite water park lodge for some quality time with them, and Mia will be spending her first overnight trip with her Grandparents (Momma's gonna get some SLEEP!!!)
We are also going to visit the Kids 95 year old Great-Grandmother. She lives out if state in a Nursing Homa and has never met Mia. 

More to follow!!

Hope this post finds you all HAPPY and WELL, and enjoying your start to Fall!!