An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet,regardless of time,place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Birthdays, First Days and such.....

as a I sit down to type this post  to catch you all up from our last several weeks, it seems to have all gone by like a blur. Where did Aug go? And how are we ALREADY into the middle of September? Holy Smokes...hold on Summer!!

Well, since my last post, we said our goodbyes to August, and hello to September by celebrating "The Man"'s Birthday. My amazing hubby turned 40-something and we celebrated with our little family, over presents and cake.(yep.....he got more of those tacky superhero tees that he loves so much!)

Our middle blessing started his first day of 5K and OH boy was he excited!!! He is attending the same sweet private Church 5K that NIck attended, and we couldn't be happier with all that it promises. He just couldn't wait to FINALLY be able to carry and bookbag and lunchbox! He loves his new school, new teachers and all new friends. We pray that this year brings lots of new experiences and that he grows academically and spiritually during his time there.

Little Miss doesn't know what to do without her sidekick home with her during the day, but you can be assured that as soon as he gets home, she is ALL OVER him!! They just adore each other, and the sight of them together just reaffirms by believe that "God sets the lonely in Families"....

WE are soaking up every last weekend that allows us boat rides and lake swims. Our warm weekends will quickly be coming to an end, but we're going to take advantage as long as they last!

Along with her Early Intervention sessions, we have also begun Speech Therapy for MIa. We love our Therapist, who has worked with lots of Cleft kiddos, and we are anxious to start meeting some of the small goals we have set for her. At the moment, since she is not verbal (other than just babbling), we are working on getting her to use sign language to tell us things. THe thought is that if she can atleast communicate with us that way, she less likely to get frustrated. She's picking up the sign language pretty well and staring to be able to tell us what she wants. WE ahve seen lots of improvement with her fine motor skills, just from working with more toys, that urge her to actually "do things", like put thngs in, take things out, stack, sort, etc. She is moving right along and seems to rise to each challenge that we give her.

Next up on the calendar....Alex will turn 5 in a few weeks and the Boys will celebrate with their joint Birthday Party. Alex couldn't be more excited about turning 5--like it's a right of passage, or something! They are excited about their upcoming Party and getting to see all of their friends, who are all scattered around at different schools now.

Well, I hope that you all are enjoying this last full week of Summer! We definitely made tons of memeories that will carry us through until next year!