An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet,regardless of time,place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Watch Pot finally Bolied!!!

Yay!!! Just as I was having a pretty discouraging day, thinking that our Social Worker had been dragging her feet to make the last minute revisions needed to finally get our Homestudy approved...I received the email, even BETTER than the email that I had been checking for allday! She had actually already sent the revisions to our Agency last Friday, and our Agency issued final approval today!! This may not seem like HUGE news, in the scope of hoops we still have ahead of us to jump through, but trust me, it is BIG for us! Anytime anyone signs, stamps, holds, heck...even LOOKS at our paperwork, we are one step closer to the end result- a 747 plane ride to China!! So, our Social Worker will receive the approval letter from our Adoption Agency (CCAI), so that it can be sent to DSS (hopefully by week's end). Next week, our Agency will begin sending out our official documents for sealing! They are time-sensitive at this point, as The Chinese Embassy in DC will not seal any documents that are over 6 months old (ours have already aged 2 months, waiting for our Homestudy to be completed!)So it's a time-crunch. Once they are certified by the NC & SC Secretary of States (by mail), they will be driven by a courier, who will walk them into the US Dept. Of State and The Chinese Embassy. Well,the intention of this blog entry was just to share our good news for the day, and instead turned into a crash course in Adoption will be quizzed later;-) Don't worry..there is still more to do! We have to get approval from DSS and then approval from Customs and Immigration...