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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Adoption Timeline

Late January 2012~ sent inital application to our agency
Early February 2012~application approved!!
                                  began homestudy process with Social Worker
March 2012  ~ applied for B.C, M.C,renewed passports, gathered letters of reference (thank you!!), began
                         preparing all final documents that will go in our Dossier (the BIG, IMPORTANT folder
                         that will be sent to China).

April 2012 ~completed Homestudy with Social worker
                    Mailed all official documents out for sealing! (they will go to NC Sec of State, SC Sec of
                     State, US Consulate (by Courrier) and then Chinese Embassy (DC) (also by Courrier)
                    We are now just waiting for our SW to make some last minute "wording revisions" to our HS,
                     so that it can travel to DSS for approval.