An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet,regardless of time,place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Monday, August 19, 2013

Keeping up with The Keefers....

This Post is going to be lengthy because it seems we have had SO much going on around here lately!!

After we wrapped from celebrating N's 8th Birthday, we said our goodbyes to A's sweet little pre-school, where he started at 15 months old. This sweet little Church school has been the BEST place for A to grow and learn. He made the sweetest little buddies there, and the Teachers have become like family to us.
While we know that we are not saying goodbye for good, as I'm sure Mia will start there sometime was still bittersweet to leave on our last day....

In order to properly wrap up our Summer Vacation, we knew we had to make one last trip down to our Beach House to enjoy a week of sun, waves and fun! It was so nice to getaway. We were lucky to have several friends and family join us during our week down, which made it all the more special!
Some highlights from the trip?? Mia discovered that she LOVES the Beach and water! This girl has no fear and must be watched close..because she will find that water in a hurry!! Alex learned how to swim without his life jacket, but more importantly...without his shirt! Don't ask me why this is SO important to both of our Boys..but they love swimming without their shirts on...Like a grown-up, they say.
We enjoyed relaxing by the Beach, building sandcastles, riding waves, shopping the outlets (oh yeah!!!), walking the Pier and playing at the local arcade (you know Boys and their games!)
I think we traveled to the Pier every night for ice cream. By the end of the trip, N kindly requests...:'"NO more ice cream...please??"

but wait...there's more....

As much as we love renting our Beach place out to others during the Season, we are hoping to be able to sneak in a few visits over long weekends...just to feel the sand between our toes.


6 Months. We have known our sweet girl for 6 months.
This month was a very important month for us, as we have really begun to see her bonding to US. While she still is very friendly to others and quick to go to them, we have noticed her becoming a little more reserved before going to someone new. She clings to me, holding me tightly, and try to leave the room??? sweet girl has a complete meltdown. yep..I'll take it!! These are all very good signs as far as bonding and attachment goes, so it seems like our little princess is starting to know us as her Forever Mommy and Daddy. Now...if she would just SAY it!!!
We begin our Early Intervention appts for her this week, which will include Speech and Occupational therapy. We completed our 6 mos post placement visit with our Social Worker, which basically just requires a home visit by our SW to see that she's "OK", and pictures to document how she has spent her last 6 months with us. We have to show that she is being treated for her Cleft and seen regularly by our Pediatrician. Done.
Since we have zero family or health history on our sweet girl, we will be looking into Genetic Testing. We feel that this is the best "preventative medicine" we can give her, and hope that it will give us a hint into her family genetic makeup. With her being covered by DSS"s Services, this testing will be provided FREE..hello!! This will give us such valuable information, and quite honestly is something that we all should be so lucky to have done.
This month I also got back the photos that were taken on the disposable cameras while she was in China. They were very hard to look at, knowing that while these were being taken, we were sitting an Ocean away, waiting and praying for her.
I will leave those photos for another post..

1st Day of 2nd Grade AND a tooth falls out!!!

Today, we officially have a 2nd grader..with one less tooth!!
Our sweet Boy wiggled that loose tooth of his everyday we were on Vacation, trying so hard to get it out before school started.
Well, he succeeded!! It fell out this morning over Breakfast!! He was so excited, and I think it added a little pep in his step as we hurried off to his first day of school! We pray that this year he will grow, mature, learn lots and make sweet friendships. We pray for his School, his Teachers, his classmates and all that work to make his Education a success.
We love you, Mr. Second Grader!!!

So, you can see we've been quite busy! What's up next for us? Brian and I will celebrate our 12 year Wedding Anniversary...awe..., Brian will celebrate his 40-something Birthday and Alex will start 5K!!!
More to come!!!