An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet,regardless of time,place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Call we had been waiting for!!!!

I should begin this post by going back several weeks. I was starting to get "antsy". It felt like we had been waiting forever. I had seen friends who I have met along this process, get matched with their children, and with every new announcement from them,,,,my heart would sink. And so, I decided to email our adoption agency and just throw out the question..."How much longer??". Some people advised me against it..."Don't do it!! You will get the "politically correct" answer and you wont like it".....well...I didnt listen...and I emailed. Boy, I wish I hadn't.  I got the whole...."well, we unfortunately can';t give you an idea of exactly when we will be calling you with a match. It all depends how many people are "ahead" of you, what type of files we receive, and what you are open to.."Blah Blah was the kick in the stomach...."It could be 6 -12 more months before we find your daughter"..

Are you kidding me??? My heart broke......

So, after I cried for a day..I decided to suck it up and press on....after all, it was all in HIS time...and I can't mess with that.

So, fast forward a week, to last Aunt came in to visit for the week. We had a wonderful visit. We spent the days shopping while the Boys were in school. Everytime I would buy something, I would think...well..this is just gonna sit in a closet for a year..or...this is so premature, why am i buying this??? That Sunday, we went out for Chinese food and celebrated the Autumn Moon Festival, which is the Chinese equivalent to our Thanksgiving. While we were eating, we cracked open our fortune cookie...

                                              A Pleasant Surprise is in store for you soon........

OH!! It's a sign!!! if you know me well, you know how I am with my "signs"..I look for signs in everything..and so THIS was definitely a sign!
Then..after dinner we went home and tuned into The Amazing Race, one of our favorite shows. Well...where do you think they raced on THIS episode??? Yep...CHINA!!!......SIGN!!!!!

Then Wednesday came...and it was an early release day at school. So we picked up the kiddos and headed to the Zoo. I had my cell phone in my purse and never thought to check it. We decided to take a seat and watch the Elephants be fed, and so while we grabbed a seat, I glanced at my phone and noticed a missed call. Glanced at the number and began to hyperventilate when I saw the area code..I knew it by was our agency!!! i knew exactly why they were calling..or so i hoped!! I quickly listened to my voicemail.."'s *%^....please call me as soon as you get this!!"


We grabbed the kids as fast as we could and ran out of the Zoo. The Boys are whining...."But we want to see the ELEPHANTS!!!!"......Forget the elephants!!! We will come back another day!! We have to get home!!!!

I called my husband and let him know that we had missed the call. He left work, because we knew that they would eventually be emailing us a child's file. We had agreed to open the file together..(and let's face hubby knew that if I got to it would be opened without him!!)

Once we got home, we called the agency back...She was at lunch!! How DARE she take lunch!!! So, about an hour (a Loooooong hour) later, she called!!! We got a little backround on the little girl...Do you want me to email you her file?? Are you serious???? How fast can you hit SEND???

So we all gathered around the computer and opened the file...and there SHE was!!! Yep...This would be our daughter!

we read the file....everyone was so quiet....nothing like i imagined it would be. Tears streamed down my face as I read her backround...there was no doubt in my mind, or heart, she was OURS.
We agreed to do due diligence and consult with our Drs here, just to let them review her file.

The next day, we called our agency and verbally accepted her as our Daughter. There was MORE paperwork to do, and since all of China had shut down for the week, due to the Autumn Festival, no one in China would be there to accept our Letter of Intent, so the agency suggested that we take our time and prepare our paperwork over the weekend, and be ready to scan it to them first thing Monday morning. And so that's just what we did. She was officially locked in as OURS!

We still have to wait another week to receive what's called "PA" from China, before we can post any pictures of for will have to just take our word for it...she is a precious blessing that we are so ready to call our own....

Next post.......a PICTURE!!!!!!