An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet,regardless of time,place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dossier To China!!!!!

FINALLY!!!! Our Adoption Dossier is complete, sealed and headed on a plane to China!!!! It took us almost 7 months to complete all of the steps needed to have this mailed off. (Our agency told us 3-6 mos). But, thanks to loads of Government and State workers taking plenty of vacations, our paperwork spent many weeks on desks...untouched...
But...why re-hash the past????Because we are CELEBRATING!!!
What does it mean now that it is headed to China? That we are finally officially waiting to be matched with a little girl! Some of you are probably thinking...."wait a minute..havent you BEEN waiting???"..Well, yes, waiting in our heart, but not "officially" waiting.Once China receives our dossier (about 3-5 days from last Friday) and logs our dossier into the system..we get a log-in-date. (Otherwise known as a LID). This officially marks the beginning of our wait. The matching department at our agency has now been alerted that our dossier is on the way to China. Now, as children's files come into their office, they will start looking for us a match. We have requested certain factors..(age, gender, medical history), and so when they see the perfect match for us, we will get THE CALL!!! We are told that this call can come at ANY time....the very next day (and yes,we have seen some lucky enough for this to happen) or we may wait several months. Obviously we are hoping that we receive the call quickly. I have joked, telling my best friends and family, that if they need to reach me during business hours, they better text me before spare me a heart attack each time the phone rings.
And so, while we wait for our call, we "nest", we plan, we dream...all about the little girl who is out there waiting to join our family. Although we have said that we would be open to a newborn, we feel fairly certain that she will be at least several months old, if not older, and so it strains our heart to know that she is out there somewhere...waiting for her life to change..forever.
We know that HE is in control of the timing. HE will deliver her file into our agency's hands at just the right time, and when we see it, we will KNOW that she is OURS....