An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet,regardless of time,place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A sweet Southern Christmas

HAnd just like that.....Christmas and New Years have come and gone!
I've sat down every night since Christmas, after the kiddos have gone to bed! with the intention of blogging???but then...zzzzzzz. Sleep found me.
And so....I figure, better late than never.

We had an amazingly sweet Christmas. Different from those in the past, since my in laws who normally come for the Holidays, were unable to. But none the less, it was still a wonderful holiday, full of good smelling food coming from the kitchen, wrapping paper flying everywhere and sounds of kids shrieking through the house. My kind of Holiday!

We celebrated with my sweet Aunt coming for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, followed by a lovely longer visit by my Dad. The kids love having our sweet Family here, and we all soak up every moment with them we can get.

Christmas morning started off a little rocky for Miss M. The house was our typical crazy loud house first thing that morning, but throw in the fact that Santa had just come.....majorly crazy!!! Mia was slow to warm up at first, even shying away from her sweet MawMaw, who she would usually run right to. She stayed close yo me, while gifts were opened and toys were played with. I was a little worried at first, and took my quiet escape to the bathroom for a little cry...but thankfully, once things settled down, she began to act more like herself....and I could exhale.

The rest of the day went well, and we were joined for a delicious dinner by our sweet friends. The day was spent laughing and playing with Family and Friends....what could be better?

I spent the day reflecting on Mia's previous Christmas. While we were preparing to travel, she lay in a crib, not knowing the sweet future that awaited her. Fast forward, to THIS Christmas. Waking up in a warm bed, with a room full of presents and a home full of Family waiting to snuggle her. Bittersweet.
The Boys enjoyed every ounce of the day. Santa brought exactly what they had asked for...and they woke up AND went to bed playing with their new things.

New Years was amazing, as my Dad came to celebrate. I know it's lame, but since becoming Parents, I don't think we've made it up until midnight..and so, we began celebrating around 8pm, while the kiddos were still awake.....
And we kissed Happy New Year, when we woke up the next morning;-))

We have started a new tradition of making a Blessings Jar. We will fill this jar with little notes throughout the year with things that we have been blessed with during the tear, or sweet sayings that our kids come up with...anything we want to remember and reflect on from the year. On Dec.31st 2014,we will empty the jar and reflect on the past year. I'm excited to see what fills that jar this year!!!!

I hope that you all have an amazing year. It us my hope that your year is filled with health, strength, loyalty, health and faith...

Happy New Year!!!!!!