An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet,regardless of time,place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Life with One.....for the week...

This week the Boys have been away at their Grandparents, and I have been down to ONE. My friends have joked with me.."Girl..what are you going to do with all of your free time, with just ONE??"
Umm....just how much time did YOU have with a busy 19 month old??
Probably not the child to be left with if I had hoped for rest and relaxation, but we have had an amazing week, with LOTS of much needed one-on-one time to strengthen our bonding. And how do I know it's working?? The other day, during a trip to our SuperMarket, our nice bag carrier offered to push our buggy out and help unload our groceries. Well, as soon as he reached for the buggy (which she was in), Mia LEPT out of the buggy and started SCREAMING!! This may have annoyed most parents, but this Momma was soooo happy. She's FINALLY looking to ME for comfort. Over the last few months, she has been very free and willing to jump out of my arms and into ANYONES  arms. Most would think that means she is well adjusted. The experts say otherwise. Children MUST go through the typical "stranger anxiety " phase, in order to be well adjusted, bonded children. They need to know their parents as THE ones, and go to THEM for comfort. Before, Mia was not doing that...And so, to have her now reaching for ME, over others, lets me know we are definitely moving in the right direction. Whew!!
So..what are we doing with our week??

We are tending to our little garden. Our lemon tree has tiny lemons starting to bud..which means there will be some lemonade in our future before Summer is over. Lots of herbs means lots of cooking! We are even growing some tomatoes.

We have been enjoying lots of snuggle time, dinners out (that is BIG with a toddler!!), and boat rides..

Since the housework doesn't end, even with 2 missing, I'm getting lots of "help" with my daily chores. Sure, folding a normal load of laundry takes twice as long with her help..but, I'm going to miss these days, one, I let her help..

She LOVES to play outside as much as possible! Thankfully our 2-3 week bout of torrential rains has calmed down a bit and allowed us some playtime outside. She can play..and play..and play. While I sweat..and sweat...and sweat. Miss Thing can mow the heck out of some deck tiles....

and carpet....

And she grills, too!!

This week we celebrated our 5 months since Gotcha Day!!
It's hard to believe she has been with us that long. She has changed so much and with each day, we see more and more TRUE personality emerge. We can't wait to see the feisty, spicy little girl she turns into!!!

We are excited about having the Boys back home soon! We know they have had an amazing time away, staying very busy. Thank goodness for FaceTime where we can talk to them everyday...

but..nahhh....I don't think they are ready to come home, yet!!!